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Wednesday, March 26th, 2008
12:28 pm - Audio Books

I'm trying to figure out if all of the Anita Blake books and Merry Gentry Books are On audio Books or just some of them and if it's just some of them....which ones?

Thank you

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Wednesday, July 19th, 2006
11:17 pm - X-Posted around, Sorry!

(I hope this is okay to post here. If not, sorry! I'll delete it.)

I just recently started up a roleplaying site/room based in the Anitaverse, and also using some stuff from Kim Harrison's Hollow's series.

Check it out, and if you like what you see, join the MB and create a character!

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Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006
11:01 am - Auctioning off SilverLeaf pieces originally intended for the WWRF!!!

Dear all....

Remember my hopeful post about being a vendor for the WWRF? I was going to be showing and selling pieces from my Silver Leaves Collection (mostly)....pieces that look like this...

Image hosting by Photobucket

A lot of people asked me to post an update about how things went. Well, I'll spare you the rant/whimperage about that disaster, but suffice to say, because of the failure of others to do their jobs, my work was never shown or sold. I've gotten my package back from FedEx, and am hoping to cut my losses by auctioning off the pieces that aren't already spoken for. Please see my gallery journal to view the pieces up for auction, and, if you're willing, spread the SilverLeaf love, and promote my auction wherever and to whoever you think it might be appreciated!

Much oblidged..

~ Rhiannon, resident starving artist

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Saturday, January 21st, 2006
4:42 pm

I joined this community in the hope that I can actually discuss these topics of interest with people who know what they are talking about. . .Well, I look forward to discussing things with you, especially the Anita Blake series.

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Friday, January 20th, 2006

I just joined, I dont know how many of you are real out there, and how many children just pretend. when i was a kid I always wanted to get sired. i was a fool, but it never happened
instead I was given another virus, in 1981 I was camping down near the border of B.C. in CRESTON VALLEY with a friend Matt Crawford, we had met some other people out there and extended our vacation to spend more time with them, We would all climb this trail up the purcell mountains and drink and party, the people we had met were a close group of 15 to 20 people, and they were extremely close, then I hurt my shoulder splitting fire wood and had to stop partying up in the mountains for a while but I told matt to go ahead without me, and he did, he started going ther for longer periods of time, i saw nothing strange about this because they were really mezmorizing people,theyed come and see how i was doing now and then. then late one night two of them ran into our campsite screaming dragging matt on theyre shoulders. matt was nearly unconcious and his cheast was torn open with blood everywhere i freaked out got into the van with matt and the two guys (peter and Reagen) and Vic drove to the emergeny room, there they the told me matt was in the bushes taking a piss drunk as fuck and he was attacked by a bear or a lynx or something, he just about died he had lost alot of blood and he was drunk so it was thinned, they tested him for rabbies and he was released in a month, the doctors said it was most likely a lynx, by the trime he was out i had gotten a job at a bar and an apartment in Creston so i could stay with matt, so we decided to live out there, i had grown extremely close to peter and Reagen, they had sved my best friends life. but after matt got out of the hospital he had been acting strange he couldnt sleep, he kept having this progjectial vomit every couple days and couldnt breathe, then one night i came home from work and found him gone, I went to sleep and the next morning I went to Peter and reagen's camp site(they all still lived there) but he wasn't there then after a long day of calling around i reported him missing and went to bed that night. matt woke me up standing in the doorway of our room I asked him what the fuck had happened ,and he resited to me

Even a man who's pure of heart,
and says his prayers at night,
may become a wolf,
when the wolf bane blooms,
and the autumn moon is bright,

i thought it was strange but went to sleep, so he was back and ever so close with our new friends. my arm healed and soon all of us were partying up in the mountains again, though it was like matt was one of them, then one night i was gettin lucky with this girl at the party and when we came walking back through the woods, back to the others
peter reagen and matt popped out of the bushes , the girl ran past them back to the party,
I said hey guys then the three of them started pummeling me i didnt know what was going on, i fought back then one of them bit me, it stung so bad i passed out, the next morning i woke up with all of them at the camp, matt came up to me and told me i was like him now I couldnt explain what happened so i came back to winnipeg, matt tried to convince me to stay but i could'nt later that year i lost contact with matt, and ive learned to deal with what i am, though i dont like it, later that year in august (1981) there were something like 15 murders some children, in lower BC , peter was arrested for them and i know matt must have been there with him but he was never caught. he reagen and all the others are therefor still out there risking our lives our secrets while killing others. for those of you poser lycans and poser vamps be careful what you wish for cause if you change you will lose your entire life and be left a flesh hungry monster in solitude,if this happens though just eat beef, no human.

look at:


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Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
3:10 pm - Greetings

I just joined and wanted to say HI!... so far I have ready every one of the Anita Blake novels in print and am as addicted as when i first began.

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Thursday, October 27th, 2005
1:52 pm - Danse Macabre

Does anyone know if Danse Macabre came out yet???? i want to know it Anita's pregnant or not....!!!!!!!! Has anyone at least HEARD anything about that in case it's NOT out yet... and what's the deal with Ronnie and Nathen...???? ok... i guess just let me know...

current mood: numb

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Thursday, December 23rd, 2004
9:10 am

Play original characters in the Anita Blake world.



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Saturday, December 18th, 2004
9:49 am - Micheal Romkey ...

Is anyone here a fan of the author Micheal Romkey? He is really great!! My favorite book so far from him is I, Vampire.

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Sunday, October 31st, 2004
1:07 pm

I hope this is allowed here. It's Anita Blake community related. If not, I'm sorry, moderators can delete this post.

I started a new Anita Blake community. The community is for people to come and talk about all things Anita Blake related. Why a new community?

Well this one is a bit different than the others:

-there will be fun questions asked all the time for everyone to participate

-there will be games, contests, and we're thinking about prizes (also looking for input)

-im looking to organize an anita blake fan 1000 journal project. everyone will trade journals with other members...but they will be strictly anita related such as Anita fan fic, Anita poems, anita drawing, or if you arent a writer or artist you can just write about what you like about the series, etc. who you would want to star in the movie and paste their pics

-Best of all, this community isn't strictly monitored. We aren't your parents. Of course, there are community rules, see the user info page. We are always looking for new ideas on ways to improve the community

So come on and join the new AB community : Great New Anita Blake Community

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Friday, October 1st, 2004
6:30 pm

Please excuse how we all look. We drove eight hours to see this woman and are all a bit tired!

Pictures with LaurellCollapse )

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3:29 pm


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Wednesday, September 29th, 2004
2:24 pm

Alright, I have decided to drive four hours to Chicago tomorrow so I can see Laurell! Does that sound crazy? I am skipping my french class to make it, oh well. Does anyone know if she is willing to take pictures?

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Thursday, August 26th, 2004
11:28 pm - Confused...

Okay I am hoping some of you can help me out with this...

I went to Barnes and Nobles today to look at the Anita Books and I come across a book called Cravings. It has short stories from LKH, MaryJanice Davidson, Eileen Wilks and Rebecca York.

The LKH story is Anita Blake and it is called Blood Upon my Lips...

I thought the next Anita book was called Cerulean Sins.

Now, my question is, is this short story just the first few paragraphs of the new book? Because someone posted the exact beginning on here a while ago... it begins with Larry's wedding.

Does anybody have a clue?

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Friday, July 30th, 2004
10:47 pm - Merry Gentry....
sorrowedsoul Well, I had started out on the first Anita Blake book, then couldn't find the second. I then crossed over to the Merry Gentry series, and I just finished book 2. I am about to start 3 tomorrow. Is Anita this good?

current mood: tired

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Sunday, July 18th, 2004
1:54 pm - Newbie.

Newbie here. Just thought I'd join...a big fan of the Anita Blake Series, Merry Gentry Series, lycanthropes, whatever.

Also, has anyone got any reviews for the newest addition to the Anita Blake series? The book is entitled Cravings, and there are (I think) 3 other authors who also have their works in the book as well. It's supposed to be a small collection of some of the hottest sensual authors of today.

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Wednesday, July 14th, 2004
5:30 pm


I'm new here but I wanted to let everyone know that I co-mod an RPG for Anita Blake and we're need more writers. We still have main characters available and we'd love to have anyone who's interested.

the community is at moonlitedelight

We do require applications (to see how you write and such) but we'd love to have you join. The more members we have, the more writing can happen and the more action we can have going.

So come see the community, read what's going on, check out who's still available and let us know if you'd like to join!

[x-posted like crazy]

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Sunday, June 27th, 2004
9:39 pm - AD - New Community, Webcomic Central

(If this isn't allowed then just delete...)

Webcomic Central....

I've made it because I've yet to come across a place that talks about webcomics. Comics and movies but not really webcomics. I mean if there are places then well here's another one. Let me know too because I'd be happy add them and send invites. :-D

The little motto of the group: "Where Online Comics are to be talked of and shared...."

Dorky but says it all.

You can discuss anything in relation to webcomics but pretty much anything can be discussed in relation to comics, period. :-D

Please come and join or at least look round. I'm the only member so far but still...Thanks for listening.

current mood: good

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Thursday, May 20th, 2004
12:41 am - For love of shooting stars...

Where are the Dreamers who walk this world but refuse to be limited by it? Where are those who feel they belong in other places, other ages? Where are the romantics, the kindred, the spiritual, the magickal? Where are those who lavish in fantasy, in arcana, in the natural, the celestial, the medieval, the Renaissance, the Celtic lands, lore and legend, mythology and memory? Where are the old-world goths of dark beauty, of velvet and stone? Where are the fae spirits, the moon-dancers, the forest-wanderers, the wind-singers? Where are those who feel they've found their place in the world once they are at RenFests, or Faires, the SCA or RPGs? Where are you?

I know you're out there. After all, I am. And I'm trying so hard to bring a little more of the wonder of the world I'd rather be living in, into the world of mundane logistics that I'm stuck in. I'm trying to take the muddle of questions...of health, time, family, finances, sanity...and answer it in a way that allows me to meet all those needs with who I am, not just what I can do...and share it. Share it with the rest of you...the friends, those who could be friends, those who simply share the same kind of fondness for the world and its potentials. Those who have been yelling into my head until I head echoes of confidence that...I can do this.

I can start my own small business based on my artisanship, based on my personality, based on who I am and what I love and how I see the world. Butterfly Rose Creations can be another dream made more than a dream. And it's the sort of dream I can share.

But the yelling has faded to whispers now that I've started making my little declaration to the world, and few seem to want to stand by what was said. Would you take a look? Would you share with me what you make of what you find? Will you help me add a little more beauty, a little more meaning, to the world we're all lost and found in?


Some of you know me, know what I offer in friendship, advice, information or ideas. Some of you might simply remember my offer of DragonMoons previously. Now I am running two new auctions (yes, EBay auctions, I admit it...but I'm desperate), here and here. The first is of a chain-maille styled choker and matching earrings, featuring shiny stainless steel rings, fittings, and cascading chain, and blue stone stars. The second is of a matching hand-flower/slave bracelet (a bracelet that extends over the back of the hand to at least one finger). Both are hand-made, original designs on a shooting star theme. (This is, after all, about passionate wishes.) Both are feminine yet not fragile, both durable and beautiful, professional but not standardized. The auctions have about 3 days and 20 hours left.

Some of the images can be found here belowCollapse )

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Tuesday, May 18th, 2004
9:41 pm

hey y'all. i too find faeries and vampyres, and lots of other 'magical' creatures awesomely cool.


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